Meet Nikki, an unemployed 20-year old mother of two.

Her goal is to complete her Dental Assistant Certification and begin working full-time, but she is trapped in a cycle of systemic and multi-generational poverty.  So how does she move from poverty to professionalism?

Her Success Barriers are:

  • Inadequate knowledge of how to move from poverty to professionalism.
  • Insufficient Education
  • She doesn’t have any role models in her life.

You can make an impact by partnering with us to provide:

  • Career coaching, life skills, and mentoring, that when combined will allow her to accomplish her goals.
  • A Vocational Scholarship that will allow her to secure a certification and earn a higher wage.
  • A mentor who understands her struggles and can encourage and motivate her throughout her journey.

At Chosen, we believe in taking time to identify success barriers and remove them by creating practical solutions centered around mentoring, life skills, financial literacy, and career coaching.

Annual Fundraiser

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