December 2015 Chosen News

 In Chosen News
There are two groups of people in her life.  One group wants to see her succeed, the other does not.  The greatest obstacle that she needs to overcome are setting boundaries around the ones who don’t want her to succeed.  She is torn because so many times, the group that doesn’t want her to succeed are her loved ones.  She is hungry for change, she wants to move forward, but the more she moves forward, the more her loved ones try and hold her back.  It’s tug of war and it’s pretty intense, only the winner of this game is not dependent on the strength of the team.  It is completely dependent on the one being pulled, because she has the tools to break free.  She has the power to go in any direction she wants.  She is Chosen, so all she has to do is choose. By the team we meet her, she has already made her choice.  It has taken her a tremendous amount of courage to take that first step, but the people behind her are still screaming.  They’re intoxicated with feelings of offense, betrayal, and jealousy. They don’t understand that although she loves them and is grateful for them, she wants to be the first in her network of influence to end the cycle of poverty.  She doesn’t think she’s better than them.  She just doesn’t want to be like them.  She wants to finish her education.  She wants to get a good job.  She wants to have a savings account.  She wants to provide for her children and be a better mother.  She wants to stop being dependent on everyone for everything.  She wants change and she wants it now.  If she has any hope of making it, she needs a team of people surrounding her.  She needs prayer warriors, mentors, people willing to educate her, people willing to give her a job, people willing to watch her children during her transition, people who genuinely want to be her friend.  It takes a village, and that village can start with you.
Current Happenings at Chosen 
  • Two of our clients have received financial assistance  and will be completing cosmetology school.
  • Three of our clients just finished Mock Interview training and are actively looking for employment.
  • Two of our clients will be starting C.N.A. classes this winter.
  • We are having our first group life skills class this winter.  It will be a series of etiquette and professionalism training courses to better equip clients that are entering the workforce for the first time.
  • We will be assisting a few clients through Property & Casualty Insurance Licensing school in the Spring.
  • We will be welcoming 10 new single parents who are ready for change within the next couple of months.
  • We are developing a M.O.P.S. style support group where our clients and church partners can come together, learn, and grow more.
We Need Your Help!
  • We need prayer warriors.  Each of our clients are in extremely challenging situations.  Their lives will not change because of Chosen, they will change because of the power of prayer.
  • We need people who are willing to mentor our clients on a weekly basis.
  • We need more employers that are interested in partnering with us to give employment opportunities to our clients.
  • We need childcare volunteers for our upcoming training on January 19th at 5:30pm.
  • We need an administrative assistant.
  • We need people who are willing to donate $10 per month to make a difference in the lives of our clients.
Maria Santiago, Founder & Executive Director