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Chosen Ministries is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent that the law allows. If you have any questions about the details of our 501c3 status, what your funds will be allocated towards, or would like to see our strategic plan, please don’t hesitate to email Maria Santiago at maria@iamchosen.org.

Transportation, child care and underemployment are the largest barriers to success for our clients! Your donation makes a huge impact! Here’s how!

$1,000 sent Christina to vocational school and paid for her child care during that time. Will you remove the educational and child care barriers for our next single mom?

$900 pays for the production of our next 3 learning videos, giving a chance for single moms to receive professionalism training from anywhere in the city. Will you help further develop our learning video series and give our single moms the opportunity to learn more about the art of professionalism?

$800 will provide food for the next 4 mentor/client dinners, allowing single moms to be mentored at a deeper level and motivated by their peers. Will you provide an opportunity for our single moms to be mentored, learn life skills and develop healthy relationships?

$700 sent Katie to vocational school, paid for her Indiana State exam and provided her with child care assistance. Will you remove the educational, child care and professionalism barriers for our next single mom?

$600 provided a vocational scholarship and gas cards for Katelyn. Will you remove educational and transportation barriers for our next single mom?

$500 sent Guadalupe to vocational school. Will you send our next single mom to this school?

$400 covered resumes, cover letters and mock interview sessions for Carmen, Jasmine and Jeanine. Will you provide more career coaching services for our next single moms?

$300 provided 4 hours of career coaching for DeAira. Will you provide job readiness training for our next single mom?

$200 paid for 2 weeks of child care for Ashley so she could start a new job. Without our help, she would not have been able to accept the job. Will you remove the child care barrier for our next single mom?

$100 paid for gas cards for Megan, DeAira and Shaneika; allowing them to get back and forth to training and interviews. Will you remove the transportation barrier for more of our clients?

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