June 2015 Chosen News

 In Chosen News

A lot has been happening at Chosen within the last couple of months. Fall Creek Church of Christ donated office space to us and we moved in at the beginning of May, our partner Allied Drywall renovated the office space for us, F.C. Tucker donated our office furniture, and Jay’s moving company moved us in!

The clients we are currently working with are doing incredibly well. We have had to push through many setbacks and barriers that would normally keep a struggling parent trapped in his/her cycle of poverty. There is so much that goes into helping someone break free and it goes far beyond offering workshops. Sometimes we need to drop what we are doing and feed someone who hasn’t eaten in a couple of days. Sometimes it means we just sit and listen. It always means a combination of faith and works, so we pray and do whatever it takes to break down barriers that keep people from succeeding.

One could say that we are in the business of tearing things down and building them back up again. Some of the things we tear down are suicidal feelings of emptiness, desperation, hopelessness, and loneliness. What we build is knowledge, confidence, courage, accountability, and self-sufficiency to a degree – because none of us can truly do anything without Christ, but we can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us! (Philippians 4:13)

In a recent chat with one of our clients, I asked her why she was interested in Chosen helping her. She is 19 and just had a baby girl last week. She said, “Because I don’t want to be anything like my mother or my grandmother. I want to be able to provide a stable home for my child, have plenty of food on the table, and just be free from all of this.” So many people like those that we serve are bi-products of multi-generational poverty. For this client and so many like her, the exhausting cycle of poverty can end with us.

Another one of my clients just accomplished a massive victory in her life. She earned a full-time job opportunity at a law firm and now we are in the process of securing housing, child care and so much more! She is mastering the art of professionalism, she is learning to trust God and He is changing her life! You see, Chosen isn’t just about providing another program. We teach vital information, but it goes beyond the idea of going from welfare to work. It is hands on investing in every area of the life of a single parent. It’s about elevating people and changing dispositions, in a dignified manner. It’s not about constantly doing everything for people, it’s about teaching people how to do things for themselves and walking that journey with them while they master it and teach it to the next person.

People ask me why I would start an organization like this and name it Chosen. I think that each one of us have been chosen to do something. I want each of our clients to know that they have been chosen for something that goes beyond their current circumstances and I want to empower them pursue all that God has called them to do. I’ve been chosen to help walk that journey with them. We are all chosen. What are you chosen to do?

Maria Santiago
Founder & Executive Director