March 2016 Chosen News

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We serve a very young mother. She is a brilliant, motivated, respectful young lady who soaks in everything we have taught her, but her barrier to success has been an unstable home environment. Most people just don’t just fall out of the cycle of poverty and overcome it without a team of people coming together to make it work. Here is the story of our team.

It starts with you. The prayer warriors, volunteers, financial donors, corporate sponsors, private foundations, and church partners. The Lord uses you daily to make this situation and so many others happen!

Her high school reached out to us about her. They are a strong community of educators that bend over backwards to see young men and women succeed. They provided us a conference room to meet at during her school hours, and so we began our journey. We worked on part-time employment, but transportation was an issue so we secured a job within walking distance. We opened up a checking account and discussed financial literacy. We worked on life skills and mentored her weekly. We talked about her environment and she expressed that without us, she could potentially be forever trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty.

Her new mentors are an amazing couple-Kingdom movers and shakers who had the courage to say yes when we asked them to consider making our young client and her son a part of their family! The Lord put this on their hearts quite some time ago, so when we called, they were already prepared to say yes. This young mom and her son now have a new beginning and are living with this new host family, who is naturally modeling the skills and biblical concepts that she learns through Chosen. Because of their partnership with us, she has the opportunity to go deeper with Jesus, successfully graduate and further her education. The cycle of generational poverty for our client and her son ends now.

In the same manner that they were prepared, are you prepared to say yes? What is the Lord calling you to do? We have several young women who need some or all of what we offer, but quite honestly those are just the surface issues. What they really need is Jesus. We receive weekly phone calls from people who are interested in joining our program. Some are ready, some are not. But for the ones that are, we need you! You don’t need to know about career coaching or financial literacy-we handle all of the technical stuff separately, but we do need people who will come alongside a client, build a relationship with them and show them who Jesus is. If you are interested in being a mentor, a prayer warrior, a financial donor, or a Kingdom mover & shaker, visit us online!

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How do you reach a variety of clients with different schedules?
Our method of delivery is micro-learning, which is a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts. At Chosen we use short learning videos, e-newsletters, weekly phone conferences and monthly open houses to teach our clients. This method eliminates barriers to success such as needing child care or transportation to participate in a workshop.


In addition to relying on support from corporate sponsors, private foundations, churches and individuals, we are developing a social enterprise that directly benefits our clients. As clients complete job readiness training and master the art of professionalism, those clients who have the necessary skills can work for our social enterprise (Virtually Chosen) as support staff, providing them with an immediate living wage, skills development, and additional job training.

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Save the Date!

Our annual fundraiser will be held on September 13th and we want YOU, our strongest supporters to be there! A huge thank you to our main sponsor of this event, the Skyline Club! Several of you are currently praying about your organizations sponsoring this event as well! Thank you! Our impact in the community can’t be done without you! If you know of any other groups or organizations that would partner with us, email

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Thank you for your continued support! Your generosity really makes a huge impact on a daily basis and we thank God for you!