May 2016 Chosen News

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Transforming Lives!

What an amazing night we had with our newest clients at our open house a few weeks ago! They laughed, they cried, they shared, they received! It was so good and it could not have happened without some incredible key volunteers. We are in awe of Vivian, our senior mentor and LaCoya, our case manager! They made our clients feel loved and safe. God is using them to change lives in a remarkable way! We are also so eternally grateful for the ongoing commitment from a small group from SOMA church that provides dinner, child care, clean up and simply sets a standard for what it means to serve with a joyful heart!

One of the mothers that attended walked in after meeting Maria Santiago just a few days prior to this event. She came in broken and weary and was smiling and laughing by the time she left! She says, “Knowing there are people that are in place to see me succeed is going to make all of the difference in my life.” She is 23, has a 5 year old daughter and another one on the way. She wants to go to college, make better choices, and be proud of her accomplishments. We know that she can do it and we can’t wait to see what God does in her life!

Be A Part Of The Transformation!

Some of you may remember one of our first clients. She went from homelessness to working in a law firm full-time in about 9 months! She had the ability to be greater than her circumstances, but because she did not have a strong and supportive network, her victory was not sustainable. Her situation convinced us that a person can transform but in order for the transformation to be sustainable, the percentage of positive people in a person’s life must be greater than the ones that are toxic to their growth.

You can help a client like this by being an Encourager or you can go a little deeper and become a Mentor. As we take on new clients we need more volunteers who can simply be an encouragement to them! We also need people who want to go beyond encouragement and step into mentoring. Both are significantly important in order to sustain life changing transformations.

Speaking of transformation, we have been undoubtedly blessed to have an incredibly generous donor that has a passion for seeing strong mentors investing in the lives of our clients! For every person that decides to serve in this capacity, our transformational donor will donate $1000 towards a vocational scholarship and career coaching for a client. Their heart is to help up to 10 clients for a total of $10,000!

Want to be a part of the transformation? Contact us at 317.522.7283 or email us at


Pray For Our Clients!

We believe in the power of prayer! Without inviting God into the ministry of Chosen, we cannot succeed! Will you prayer with us as we ask God to protect and help our clients focus on the the path that God has in store for them?

Please continue to pray for our youngest client, Azaria who recently moved in with her new family. She is starting her senior year this Fall and is juggling a new family environment, school, work, a cosmetology license, and parenting at age 17! As you can imagine, this is a massive adjustment for everyone involved, but The Lord is all over this and they have adjusted remarkably well. More importantly, our client’s biological family is seeing the body of Christ move in a powerful way! Please continue to pray for our very special key volunteers, who represent Azaria’s new family. They are amazing and it has been an incredible honor to serve with them!

Please pray for Shaneika as she prepares for her dental assistant exam. She’s so sharp, naturally works well with a variety of people, and has incredible potential.

Please pray for Katie as she starts training for an A+ certification this month with one of our corporate sponsors, Mitchell Tech Connect. We are so grateful for this partnership and are excited about what The Lord will do!


We want to thank our Change Maker Sponsor, Lake City Bank for their commitment to changing lives at Chosen Ministries! Corporate sponsors like this are the reason that were able to make a significant impact in the lives of our clients. Their financial support will not only help our financial literacy training, but will support ongoing career coaching for several of our clients!


Chosen Ministries is participating in a Growth Unlimited Conference series! It is a perfect event for leaders who need to recharge personally, grow professionally, and expand their talent management skill set immediately as mid-year quickly approaches. The conference takes place June 23, 2016 downtown at the Skyline Club from 12pm-5pm. It includes lunch, giveaway gifts, and industry experts in the in the areas of leadership, culture building, performance, recruiting, and so much more all for your benefit. You can even customize your experience based on your mid-year growth goals! Maria Santiago will be there speaking on Team Community Outreach and there will be a small silent auction directly benefiting Chosen Ministries! Learn more and sign up by clicking HERE or o to You can receive an additional discount by using the following code: ChosenDiscount. We hope you can join us!


Save the date for our Annual Fundraiser on September 13, 2016! We will feature more of our corporate sponsors throughout the next few months. Thank you to our Transformational Partner, The Skyline Club for hosting and sponsoring this upcoming event! To register or learn more, please go to: