I Am Chosen… What We Do

We assist impoverished single parents by providing sustainable solutions that help them thrive as people and as parents in the following ways:

1. Teach Life Skills

Some of our clients may have a limited understanding of the world around them. Teaching our clients life skills are essential to them living up to their full potential and can help them accomplish their goals. The life skills that they learn in our program will allow them to function in a society that demands respect and professionalism.

2. Create A Long-Term Support System

We create a long term support system for our clients through our Mentoring Program. We match each of our clients with a mentor and each mentor communicates with their mentee once a week and begins to develop a relationship with them. Our mentors have a deep understanding of what our clients are going through and act as a support system, developing a mutually beneficial relationship that serves as a catalyst for change in the lives of our clients.

3. Remove Barriers to Success

The biggest barrier to the success of our clients is transportation, child care and a lack of education. We remove barriers to success by providing assistance with child care and transportation for up to 3 weeks, as well as vocational scholarships.

4. Provide Career Coaching

Career coaching at Chosen is provided in four phases. In the first phase, clients begin to articulate their interests, skills, and abilities. In phase two, our clients are able to determine whether or not their current skill level is sufficient or if future education may be required. In phase three, our clients learn how to develop a quality resume, search for a job, successfully interview for a position and master the art of professionalism. Phase four is offered as a follow up service in which we assist clients in developing individualized long-term career goals.

5. Provide Financial Literacy Classes

Financial literacy is a critical issue for each of our clients to understand. We provide basic personal financial management classes that include money management, savings, spending decisions and credit management so our clients are equipped to make informed and responsible financial decisions.

6. Develop Beneficial Partnerships for Our Clients

Business partners provide opportunities for our clients to participate in internships and job opportunities. Internships and job opportunities allow our clients to experience a boost in self-confidence, learn certain aspects of a trade in a professional environment, strengthen their resume, assess their interests and abilities and ultimately begin to develop a network of contacts. These crucial partnerships create opportunities for organizations to give back to the community in a way that will ultimately benefit them as they often end up with well-trained candidates that can be offered permanent positions.